Hilary Elmer

The NorthWoods Goat Soap is the product of my love for my goats and my enjoyment of making wholesome things with natural ingredients for my family. We live in rural Vermont on 43 beautiful acres, sustainably producing our own vegetables, fire wood, maple syrup, eggs, and milk. There’s nothing better than to go out to the barn at the end of the day and unwind with my hands rythmically squeezing wholesome, delicious milk from a doe’s teats. I love to hear my goats say hi when they hear me approach the barn. And I love to create soap that is beautiful and naturally nourishing to the skin.

Jeremy Ritz

I’ve been working with this medium for 5 years. I thoroughly enjoy the process of transforming tarnished relics to contemporary jewelry.  All jewelry is handcrafted from antique sterling plated silverware. Every piece is unique and designed organically.

The stones are tension set, cut and polished by the artist. The only tools employed in the creation of this green product are pliers, vices and a Dremel. In addition to jewelry I create candleholders, money-clips and keychains. The artist currently resides in Colchester, VT

Laura Hale

Found Beauty Studio is artist/maker-of-things Laura Hale’s one-woman shop in the Old North End of Burlington, VT.  Using primarily discarded found objects as her material, she looks for the beauty in all of the used-up left-behinds of our lives and transforms them into new functional one-of-a-kind pieces.

Karen J. Lloyd

Primarily self-taught, artist Karen J. Lloyd is inspired by the beauty of animals and the natural world. Her creations include whimsical acrylic and watercolor paintings, photography, and custom model horses. The vibrant art scene of her hometown, Mystic, CT imprinted her with the desire to showcase artwork from a young age when she exhibited at the Mystic Art Association.  Karen shares her Winooski home with two precocious house rabbits, Squirrel and Solstice.

Sarah W. Bartlet

 A collection of poems by Vermont author Sarah W. Bartlett. Her poems engage the particulars of locale and connect experience with lyric spirituality. Of the collection, Michelle Gillett, poet author of Blinding the Goldfinches (Backwaters Prize 2003) says “Bartlett’s poems . . . reveal her keen sense of detail.  In their music and fine-tuned imagery, these meditations celebrate not only the natural world but language itself. At once prayerful and exuberant, they are true expressions of joy.’For 30 years, her family has summered in Westport, MA, where land and sea inspired these poems. She lives in Burlington, Vermont.  To see more photos of Westport and read more about the author, visit her website.

Nancy Jacobus

I have been painting for over 20 years – starting with watercolor and pastel.  I started painting on silk 6 years ago using wax as a resist and water based silk paints.  I love the vivid colors and uncontrolled flow of the paint on the silk.  I am inspired by strong colors – especially purple.  Dancing Women paintings have been my trademark.  These paintings represent my hope that all women feel free enough to “get up & dance”.  My studio is my So. Burlington home.



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