Poet Reading November 4, Sunday, 2-4 pm

Fright Night- International Horror Films

October 19, 26,and 30th 6-8 pm

AAAHHHHH!!! Did somebody say FRIGHT NIGHT!?! Join us for 3 nights in October from 6-8pm , in conjunction with “Haunted Winooski,” where we’ll be showing some international horror films! Come cozy up with some BEER and POPCORN or one of our signature coffee drinks if …you’re brave enough safety in numbers!!!

19th: Shaun of the Dead (British)
26th: Let the Right Ones In (Swedish)
30th: Chankushini (Japanese)

Bethany Farrell: Body Casts & Other Works the Month of September

Bethany Farrell: Body Casts & Other Works

Artist Reception September 21,2012 5-7pm

Our bodies are the vessels that carry us, that harbor our souls, that feed and nourish our children, and that feel both exhilaration and pain. This diverse series, done over several years, is unified by its central feminine theme that expands upon these notions. It is a collection of personally expressive pieces as well as work commissioned by other women.

The casts document specific times in the lives of each woman represented whether pregnant or otherwise. The imagery on each cast is an inscription of important symbols that tell their stories.

The drawing and paintings are, in a way, self-portraits, that explain my relationship with nature, my children, aging and mortality.


 Closing Show August 31, 5-7pm

 Wastescapes by Anne Cummings

Eco-Artist Anne Cummings creates with her convictions to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Anne’s show at Block Gallery for the month of August will include a comprehensive collection of works from her most series using exclusively post-consumer waste as her artistic medium. Her intent is to raise awareness about the volume of human waste we create, and its toll on places of natural beauty, even in a state considered as ‘green’ as Vermont. All the materials used to create Anne’s Wastescapes, were collected o

n the backroads, snowplow turnarounds, and roadside picnic areas from each of the fourteen counties of Vermont.

In the Local Food series, the images are meant to represent vivid and colorful depictions of the food items originally contained in this roadside waste, such as the chickens used to create the chicken nuggets and sandwiches produced by a well-known fast food brand.

The Climate Change pieces are more spontaneous and somewhat abstract images of Vermont landscapes, many with organic rather than traditional geometric shaped “canvases.” At first glance, they are pleasing natural compositions, which is belied by the manmade discarded waste from which they are constructed, as well as the underlying theme of ecological change in the landscapes they depict.

ReWreath is a series of works which gives a contemporary twist to the traditional wreath form, using collections of recycled materials and other repurposed “post-consumer waste” to create unexpected decorative statements.
Anne’s involvement in the arts has been a lifelong pursuit. Anne holds degrees in studio art and art history from Ohio University and a Master’s degree from Saint Michael’s College in Creative Arts in Education. Her current goal is to use her eco-art to support environmental causes.

Anne has worked professionally in the arts in many capacities. She has been a business owner, exhibition coordinator and designer, museum store manager, artists’ representative, graphic artist, grants writer, member of a fiber artists’ cooperative, and art consultant. She is currently an art educator at Colchester High School and a working studio artist.

July Art Showing “Into the Heart” nature photos by Karen Lloyd

Into the Heart

Art Reception July 13, 5-7pm.



Karen J. Lloyd continues to explore the realm of natural aesthetics, embracing whimsical beauty through her digital photography to invoke an emotional thread between us and the animals and landscapes amongst us.*** ART WILL BE UP THROUGHOUT JULY ***
This event is the artist reception
SunflowersTrumpet Life

Sunflowers Trumpet Life

Paula Bradley

Opening June 2, 2012 5-7pm

On Exhibit throughout June



Growing lofty and majestic, a joyful looking plant, these blossoms have faces that tracks the warmth of the sun. The various stages of development give meaning to their longevity and glorification. From early seedlings to the final perishing petals, the evolving patterns mimic life that I remember…

My art is not just about natural talents, but a progression of teachings, learning’s, and desires. Feel, learn, open up, practice, and much more of the same. I would rather not “copy” the colors of the scene, but rather discover the bond between my inspiration, and the image. The use of color and light is a crucial element for promoting a psychological link directly to the piece. I paint as if there is an honest and emotional connection between the works, myself, and the viewer; provoking a conceptual relationship that is beyond the straightforward and prettified painting.

Paula has a degree in Art Education and is a BFA graduate from Lyme Academy of Art in Painting..

Book Launch and Signing Party

The Natural Building Companion

Book Launch and Signing Party!

Wednesday May 16 6-8 pm

Join Jacob Deva Racusin and Ace McArleton in celebrating the release of their book, The Natural Building Companion:  A Comprehensive Guide to Integrative Design and Construction, published by Chelsea Green Publishing.  Enjoy appetizers, wine, and café beverages at the fabulous Block Gallery in Winooski while chatting, talking shop, and appreciating all the many minds and hands that went into creating this work that will transform the way we build and live.

Ace McArleton, author of the forthcoming book:
The Natural Building Companion:  A Comprehensive Guide to Integrative Design and Construction

Ace McArleton, Instructor
Yestermorrow Design/Build School
Warren, VT
Professional Semester in Integrative Design/Build

Ace McArleton, Co-owner
New Frameworks Natural Building, LLC
56 Platt St, Winooski VT 05404
            802 917 4059

Secret Heliotropes

Secret Heliotropes

Sunday, May 27, 2012

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Come enjoy a lazy Sunday morning listening to music while sipping your Latte or Earl Grey Tea. The Secret Helitropes will be joing us before they head home. You can follow the links below to have a listen if you haven’t                                 heard them play before.


Secret Heliotropes: Ted Looby, Remy de Laroque and Dan Stauss

For more information:

Waking Windows 2

Waking Windows 2

May 10-12,2012

Multiple venues through out Downtown Winooski

Waking Windows 2 is a three-day music & arts festival presented by the local music & arts production company Angioplasty Media with help from the Winooski Community Partnership. It will showcase local, regional, and nationally touring musicians & artists at locations in Downtown Winooski.

There will be performances in a variety of venues in the downtown area including the Monkey House, the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Winooski Welcome Center, the Stoplight Gallery, the parking garage, and the Block Gallery & Coffeehouse.

Here at the Block we will have:

Comedy on Friday, May 11 at 3pm.

Folk Music on Saturday, May 12 at 5pm  in conjunction with our art opening 5-7 pm .

Please check back for details, as we know more about who is performing we will let you know as well!

On Saturday May 12th, there will  also be an Arts Fair in the Winooski Welcome Center.

Perfromers include The Blow (Brooklyn, New York), Death Vessel (Providence, Rhode Island), Kurt Weisman (Brattleboro), BRENDA (Portland, Maine), CRINKLES (Brooklyn, New York), PORCHES. (Philidelphia), Myshkin (Seattle), the Milkman’s Union (Portland, Maine), as well as locals Waylon Speed, Anders Parker Cloud Badge, DJ Disco Phantom, Greg Davis, SWALE, Paper Castles, Maryse Smith, the Smittens, and many more.

For more info:

Green Up Day Winooski

Green Up Day Winooski

Saturday, May 5, 8:30

May 5th is Green Up Day and were kicking it off at the gallery – come enjoy a FREE BREWED CUP OF coffee at 8:30 AM Saturday and grab a green bag!

Green Up’s mission is to promote the stewardship of our state’s natural landscape and waterways and the livability of our communities by involving people in Green Up Day and raising public awareness about the benefits of a litter-free environment.





Matt Graham Quartet

 Matt Graham Quartet

  Saturday May 5, 5-7 pm

Originally formed to play a UVM music student’s senior recital, the Matt Graham Quartet has developed into one of the most promising jazz groups in the greater Burlington area. Led by guitarist Matt Graham, the group plays a wide variety of styles within the jazz idiom from the classic sounds of the 1950’s and 60’s up to the modern day. Putting new wine in old bottles, the MGQ draws the influences of renowned groups such as those of Wes Montgomery and Grant Green while adding its own uniquely contemporary style.

May Artist – Mary Hill

May Artist – Mary Hill Abstract Paintings

Art Reception Saturday May 12  5-7p

Love color?
This is the show for you!
Mary Hill’s large abstract paintings with symbols from a far off galaxy will make you wonder…what is being communicated here?
Also, bright, joyful banners with contemporary folk art feel.
Opening Reception Saturday May 12th 5-7

Judson Kimble CD Release Party

Judson Kimble CD Release Party

       Sunday, April 1, 2012

      2:30pm until 4:00pm



  • Celebrating the release of my new album: ‘beginnings’ – a 14 track disc of original acoustic fingerstyle guitar music. I’ll be performing from 2:30 – 3:30ish and having cd’s available for purchase…. CD’s are $10.

    No cover charge.

    Parking is on the street, and in the downtown Winooski Parking garage….. Free 2 hour parking.

    Come on out and hear some great new local music and drink some top-shelf coffee…..[beer and wine also available].

“center in this big huge world”

Ra Press Poets & Friends

A great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, good words, sunshine and Lattes!

Ra Press Poets & Friends

Experimental, Classical and Neobeat!!!

Readings of Works on Saturday
March 24   3pm

Christopher Ricker

David Parkinson

Esteban Folsom

Sean Tierney

Mary Randall

Hannah Clarke

Matt White

And thank you to our artist, Jodi Reis, for this great poster!

Two Year Birthday Bash!

Two Year Birthday Bash!

Date: Sunday, February 12, 2012
Time: 12:00pm until 4:00pm

It’s in the works- so far we have juggling baristas and three fabulous musicians booked! Anyone else want to join the fun and help us plan or to be apart of our mayhem?

Oh, almost forgot, The Valentine Contest Rules:
All entries must be made here at the gallery with supplies given to you to use and hung in our window with name and contact information.

Winners must be present at Birthday Bash to collect a prize- a time will be set for the drawing in advance.

Three $20.00 Gift Certificates for the coffee bar at the gallery will go to the best Valentines for:
(1) The most romantic
(2) Original
(3) To our Baristas
Winter: Photography by Elinor Osborn

In her January fine art photography show entitled “Winter” at the Block Gallery in Winooski, Elinor Osborn will display prints of winter birds, trees in winter, and other winter scenes. Most were photographed in Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom in particular.

“Winter is a great time to photograph. I like the more graphic look of the landscape (after all the lushness of summer has been buried under the snow blanket) as it forms into lovely snow sculptures. Falling snow adds its own mood as it turns the landscape into an almost black and white photo with just enough hints of color to add interest. Then there is the twilight after sundown when the sky turns a deep cobalt blue resulting in a three-color landscape with black objects and white snow. I’m just starting to explore that time of evening.

I’m also experimenting with adding artwork to photographs by using blur techniques, various filters, and other creative devices which open up so many avenues to explore. With all of digital photography’s possibilities, the learning and excitement is never ending.

But most of all I just enjoy being outdoors exploring and seeing things I haven’t noticed before. Coming home to my book and internet libraries to find out more about what I’ve just seen and photographed adds another fascinating dimension to my explorations.”

Into the Great Blue: Meditations of Summer

6:00pm until 9:00pm

Part of Finishing Line’s critically acclaimed Chapbook Series, this collection of poems is by Vermont author Sarah W. Bartlett. Her poems engage the particulars of locale and connect experience with lyric spirituality.

“What the poet says of the hummingbird . . . “showing me/how to see/deep into the heart of things” can be said as well of her poems,” writes Mary Pierce Brosmer, poet and author of Women Writing for (a) Change: A Guide for Creative Transformation. “Bartlett has rightly called this collection a meditation.”

Of the collection, Michelle Gillett, poet author of Blinding the Goldfinches (Backwaters Prize 2003) says “Bartlett’s poems . . . reveal her keen sense of detail. In their music and fine-tuned imagery, these meditations celebrate not only the natural world but language itself. At once prayerful and exuberant, they are true expressions of joy.’

Both invitation and gift of ‘a summer sojourn,’ writes Lana Hechtman Ayers, author of A New Red: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups. “Bartlett orchestrates compelling melodies . . . through the music of consonance, assonance and alliteration. . . A spirit satisfying collection, you will most certainly find ‘kindred solitudes’ in these poems.”

Sarah W. Bartlett’s poems have appeared in a variety of journals. In addition, an essay has just appeared in “Ars Medica” (Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada); another in the forthcoming anthology, Women and Poetry (in press). She is community faculty at University of Vermont School of Medicine, where she has used her poetry as a teaching tool. She holds a Sc.D. in health education from Harvard School of Public Health. Currently, she operates Women Writing for (a) Change®-Vermont, a program that empowers young and adult women to write for personal growth and social change within a structured and supportive community. She co-facilitates a similar program for Vermont’s incarcerated women called ‘writinginsideVT.’

For 30 years, her family has summered in Westport, MA, where land and sea inspired these poems. She lives in Burlington, Vermont. To see more photos of Westport and read more about the author, visit her website.


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